Our Digital PR practice came from necessity, we've trained our team from scratch to ensure that our processes are based on our own findings - organically grown from experimentation. Our specialists work towards delivering an engagement-focused integrated communications model that focuses on keeping the narrative in control and has the potential to react with alacrity in responding to a crisis. We typically work around an intelligent mix of traditional media and digital and social media.

We work around focused Media Relations, Strategic Counseling, Thought Leadership, Crisis Communications, Brand launch and Promotions, and Publicity Counseling.

Our measurable and tangible strategy to drive brand awareness, traffic to a website, links which boost organic rankings, sales, social following and engagement also form part of our digital PR.

Our capabilities include authoritative placements in national and niche publications. We work closely with journalists, Bloggers and Vloggers, Influencers. Create user generated content that is customized to the diverse needs of clients– from startups to corporates cutting across industries, and help them build a unique identity for their brand.