Our Principles of digital marketing

The basic principles of how you market and build a brand haven’t changed – despite what everyone says – in the past 8 or 10 years, what technology has done overall, is magnified what was always true.

With fancy new marketing tools are unveiled each year, word-of-mouth marketing still matters. Decades ago, consumers might have asked their friends where to go for the best burger in town. Now, people ask all their friends by performing a quick internet search and reading reviews of burger joints in the area.

Changes in technology haven’t altered the core concepts of marketing, but the new technology does magnify every triumph and failure. Before, serving a bad burger to one customer might lead to the unhappy customer telling their friend not to eat there. Now, an angry online review can deter hundreds of prospective customers.

Understanding new technological tools can greatly benefit the business, without getting too caught up in the latest and greatest marketing tools.